Books by Lee Marcer

Plunge into the dark, sometimes violent, but nonetheless seductive world of BDSM stories created by Lee Marcer. If you find all those conventional, fifty-shades-of-grey stories too boring and predictable… you came to the right place.


Olya is a 20-year-old exchange student from Russia who is staying with a middle-aged Australian couple. They seem perfectly normal, but they have a very unusual servant walking around the house and wearing nothing but latex. Looking at all this up close, Olya is going to discover a lot more about these people (and herself) than she would actually like.

Tags: bdsm, lesbian, latex, slave, implants, body modifications, reluctant, threesome mmf, encasement

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Taming the Tease

Being a high-profile executive, Brianna is an embodiment of female power. She enjoys her power and her striking looks so much that she deliberately leads the men on, teasing and provoking, but giving nothing in return. The retribution is inevitable, though.

Tags: bdsm, kidnapping, bondage, abduction, toys, forced orgasms, vibrators

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She Won't Say No

Wilson’s wife is away on a business trip, so he offers Gary, his colleague, something very unusual: a threesome with a very submissive woman, who always wanted it and who will do whatever they want, with no right to refuse. Gary accepts the offer gladly… but are things really what they seem in this kinky little game of three?

Tags: bdsm, anal, whipping, watersports, blowjob, pee play, threesome mmf, sexwife

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Theresa has been kidnapped and sexually violated in every way possible. But she’s not just a random victim: her captors want to make her a part of their nefarious plan. Will she cooperate? And will this experience be close enough to her deepest and darkest fantasies she kept in secret for so long?

Tags: bdsm, abduction, kidnapping, anal, whipping, suspension, forced orgasms, threesome mmf, nipple clamps

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Camera Loves You FREE!

At 19 years old, Emma is just too kinky for her own good. Not only she fantasizes about being a sex slave, but she also acts like one in front of a web camera. Great pocket money and a nice outlet for her enormous sex drive… but will she really like this dream if it suddenly comes true?

Tags: bdsm, abduction, kidnapping, anal, slave, dubious consent, chains, threesome mmf, webcam

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Trapped and Wrapped

A disgruntled ex-colleague attacks Cassie in her home and packs her up to take her with him, promising her “wonderful times” as his own sex slave. Gagged and cling-wrapped from head to toe, she can do absolutely nothing to stop this horrible abduction from happening. Or can she?

Tags: bdsm, abduction, kidnapping, bondage, forced orgasms, mummification, breaking in, cling wrap

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The Latex Lily

Dumped by her boyfriend, Lily ends up in the house of her wealthy client, Yvonne. Emotional turmoil and wine take the better of her, and the two women have sex, both dressed in kinky latex outfits. At first, Lily is enthusiastic about this "slave-mistress” game; but after a while, it becomes clear that Yvonne wants to take this game further than Lily could have possibly imagined.

Tags: bdsm, latex, anal, lesbian slave, dubious consent, ballet boots, lesbian orgy, brainwashing, threesome mff, sensory deprivation, deep throat

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My Friend, My Master

Eric and Anna have been good friends for six years, living in different cities, and they talked about a lot of things during this period. Including their sexual preferences. He’s dominant, and she’s submissive; but unfortunately, she’s too shy to go and live out her fantasies. Would Eric be a good friend and step in to help her with that?

Tags: bdsm, bondage, consensual, friends with benefits, handcuffs, friend sex

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Gwen is young, attractive, and highly sex-driven. She is also a freelance industrial spy, posing as a lover of her mark. However, as smart and cunning as she is, she fails to see that her plot has been uncovered, and her “boyfriend” has prepared a terrible punishment for her.

Tags: bdsm, bondage, latex, anal, slave, tease and denial, nonconsensual, suspension, encasement, human doll

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A Property Deal

Jess is a young and ambitious real estate sales manager, but something very bad happens on her watch: the house of her client gets robbed, and police may suspect her involvement. Matt, her more experienced colleague, suggests making it look like she was the victim of the robbers as well, so he ties Jess up and leaves her there all alone. So much time for so many second thoughts!

Tags: bdsm, anal, threesome mff, bondage, slave, nonconsensual, brainwashing, cage

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